Competition Rules

  1. Only enrolled students within the registered school are allowed to participate in the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards. No individual entries are allowed.
  2. Where appropriate, schools should register their primary and secondary sections separately. Schools may also have multiple registrations completed by individual teachers. Each school must register themselves via email before the registration deadline. Upon registration completion, your school will receive a confirmation email with instructions on the submission process. For further details please go to:
  3. For literary categories, each registered teacher can submit a total of 10 entries across the 3 categories. In the Literary Categories works must be submitted with 1” margins all around, single line and word spacing, and typed in 10 point Times New Roman font. The literary works must only feature the title and written text of the students work. There is no need to include headers, footers or page numbers in the original documents.

    Each student can only submit one literary submission. Co-authored submissions will not be accepted.

    For students with different learning abilities, each registered teacher can submit 10 entries in each of the 6 individual categories for literary work.

  4. We require all literary submissions to be attached to an email and sent to our email address with a completed submission form attached. Emailed submissions are due by the submission deadline Anything received after this date will not be considered. Every piece of literary work must carry the School Name, Student’s Name, Category and Group in the file name, but the file name WILL be edited to facilitate fair judging. For further details please go to:
  5. Word limits must be within the specified number of words. Otherwise, entries will be disqualified and P3 will not be responsible for notifying the school if this happens. For further details please go to:
  6. There is a separate category for cover art. Only Primary schools can also submit 10 entries in each of the 2 cover art groups. Each student can only submit either literary or cover art entries.
  7. Only original and non-published work may be submitted and by entering the competition you are confirming that to the best of your knowledge the work is exclusively that of the individual it has been attributed to. No parental involvement is allowed. In the case of the Cover Art work, you are confirming that the work is that of the named individuals. Plagiarism – use of third party works – without written permission from the author will result in disqualification of the entrant and possibly the school.
  8. Entries submitted will not be returned to the author unless requested by the school to P3 in writing to the competition email.
  9. The competition will be judged by a panel of judges. Their decision will be final.
  10. Entries included in the anthology may be lightly edited by the publishers.

If you have an questions or queries, please contact us by using the contact form provided on the website