All entries should be based on the theme for 2022, Tales from the Mogao Grottoes.   One winner will be chosen in each of the groups, and one lucky student will be named The Hong Kong Young Writer of 2022.

Tales from the Mogao Grottoes

More than one and half millennia ago, a monk decided there was something special about a cave he found at an oasis in the desert on the Silk Road in China.

Over the centuries, thousands of pilgrims arrived and decided to stay, digging more caves, and spending their time creating sacred art and literature.

But time passed, and more than 1000 years later, travellers started taking other routes. The Mogao Caves in the Dunhuang district of Gansu province in west central China were forgotten, becoming little more than a dusty legend.

Then, in the 1900s, local and international scholar-explorers rediscovered the caves. They gradually unlocked its breathtaking secrets. There were hundreds of caverns containing some of the world’s finest paintings, sculpture, and literature—including the oldest dated, printed book in the world.

It was like a tunnel to a lost world in the past, scholars said.

What other secrets are hidden there? Whose stories can be found in this treasure house from so long ago? What can the tale of the Mogao Caves teach us?

Award Categories & Word Limit

Please note that we do not accept submissions directly from students. Students must first submit to their schools, which will then have to choose ten entries to forward to the next round of the contest. Contact the teacher who is in charge of the competition at your school.