All entries should be based on the theme for 2020, Future Adventures of the Greater Bay Area.   One winner will be chosen in each of the groups, and one lucky student will be named The Hong Kong Young Writer of 2020.

Future Adventures of the Greater Bay Area

Welcome to a whole new world


Imagine someone launched a brand new “sort of” country and your home was in it!

It’s a pretty exciting thought, right? And it’s really happening. Government leaders in this part of the world have plans to launch what they call the GBA, which stands for Greater Bay Area, including southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Of course it won’t technically be a country. But it will be a new area of the world with boundaries, so it will feel like a new, fresh place.

The new region will have more land than Switzerland, more people than Canada, and will contain more business activity than the whole of Australia.

The GBA doesn’t have a name yet. Some people suggested Cantonesia, because that’s the main language.

What would life be like in a place that tries to blend what’s best about mainland China, with what’s best about Hong Kong and what’s best about Macau?

Award Categories & Word Limit

Please note that we do not accept submissions directly from students. Students must first submit to their schools, which will then have to choose ten entries to forward to the next round of the contest. Contact the teacher who is in charge of the competition at your school.