All entries should be based on the theme for 2024, New Tales of China’s Inventions. One winner will be chosen in each of the groups, and one lucky student will be named The Hong Kong Young Writer of 2024.

New Tales of China’s Inventions

Most people know that paper and gunpowder were invented in ancient China, but don’t realise that so were many other things we use today, from noodles to ketchup. The Chinese tried out different economic systems and invented the first paper money more than 1000 years ago. The compass was developed over many centuries.

Even more amazing is the fact that 25 centuries ago, they found natural gas and used bamboo to pipe it to villages, creating the sort of energy distribution system most people think of as a modern invention. They also invented toilet paper—although it was several centuries after toilets appeared! And while gunpowder was used for peaceful purposes such as the creation of fireworks, they later developed missiles too.

But Chinese creativity is not just a thing of the past. Video-sharing websites are copying the style of China’s Tiktok, social media platforms are trying to be like WeChat, and China has become the world leader in making solar panels, planting new forests, and creating electric cars.

Will you be inspired to write about Chinese inventors of the past? Or would you prefer to speculate on what new inventions might appear today or in the near future? Let your imagination soar!

Award Categories & Word Limit

Please note that we do not accept submissions directly from students. Students must first submit to their schools, which will then have to choose ten entries to forward to the next round of the contest. Contact the teacher who is in charge of the competition at your school.