HKYWA Groups and School Year Equivalents

The HKYWA groups and school equivalents are listed below:


School Year Equivalents HKYWA Groups
Primary Year 1-3 Primary 1-3

Group 1

Year 4-6

Primary 4-6 Group 2


Year 7-9

Form 1-3

Group 3

Year 10-11

Form 4-5

Group 4

Year 12-13 Form 6

Group 5


Age Group


Different Learning Abilities

Age 13 and under

Group 6

Different Learning Abilities

Age 14-18

Group 7

For literary categories, each registered teacher can submit a total of 10 entries across the 3 categories.

For students with different learning abilities, each registered teacher can submit 10 entries in each of the 6 individual categories for literary work.

There is a separate category for cover art. Only Primary schools can also submit 10 entries in each of the 2 cover art groups. Each student can only submit either literary or cover art entries.