Since the entries for the competition and the workload to organize this amazing event are growing at a fast speed we have decided to create a non-profit organization which will support Hong Kong Young Writers Awards.


Scientists are only now beginning to understand just how important language is. It’s far more than a tool for communication—it shapes our perception of reality, enables us to conceptualize thoughts and feelings, and is the main vehicle by which humans empathize with each other.

In education, the written word is key—but what should we encourage young people to read and write? They need inspiration, structure and a starting point. And that’s where the Youth Literature Foundation comes in.

We will set an exciting challenge every year, picking a topic from Asian culture or history. Students will do their own research and produce lively, fresh work based on the subject—and jet into Hong Kong for a dramatic prize ceremony.

Why Asia? Because in human terms, Asia is larger than all the other regions of the world put together, yet it is under-researched, and a little digging quickly uncovers exciting stories!

We are a new, non-profit organization, but we’re confident we can deal with thousands of students in hundreds of fine schools in East Asia.

That’s because the Youth Literature the Foundation is built on the enormously successful Hong Kong Young Writers’ which attracted thousands of entries from all over the region for more than a decade.

Be part of a winning project. Click the link below to partner with us and support young  people to excel at writing.

Sponsorship kit.

Nury Vittachi                                                             David Tait
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