Due to the current school situation we have decided to postpone the Awards Ceremony. We will let you know when we have a clear indication about the schools reopening.


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Word Limits

Schools HKYWA Group Category and word limit
Fiction Non-Fiction Poetry Cover Art
Primary Group 1 Up to 500 words Up to 500 words No limit No limit
Group 2 Up to 1000 words Up to 1000 words No limit
Secondary Group 3 Up to 1500 words Up to 1500 words No limit N/A
Group 4 Up to 3000 words Up to 3000 words No limit
Group 5 Up to 3000 words Up to 3000 words No limit
Schools HKYWA


Fiction Non-    Fiction Poetry Cover Art
Different Learning Abilities Group 6 No limit No limit No limit N/A
Different Learning Abilities Group 7 No limit No limit No limit

Media HKYWA 2015

HKYWA 2015!





Does your child have a creative and artistic ability that should be showcased for all
to see? The Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2015 (HKYWA) offers young
people the opportunity to compete in a regional creative competition to win a variety
of prizes including Bookazine gift bags, Faber-Castell stationery and the chance to be
published in the International New York Times!
Primary and Secondary school students from Hong Kong, China, and Macau are
invited to use their creativity and imagination to engage in this year’s topic New Tales
of the Pearl River Delta. Original pieces of Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Cover Art,
Digital Storytelling and Digital Publishing will be accepted and assessed by our panel
of judges during this academic year. 100 top entries will be published in an anthology
and recognised at our awards ceremony in April 2015.
Our partnership with the Hong Kong Education Bureau has allowed us to invite every
school in Hong Kong. So please get in touch with your English, Film Studies or Media
teacher to make sure your school can be involved this year.
The Pearl River Delta, located in southern China, is one of the country’s fastest
developing and dynamic regions. A melting pot of foreign influence and traditional
Chinese culture, the Pearl River Delta is rich in history, allied by a complex fusion of
European and Chinese philosophies, architecture, and cuisine. Where east meets west,
these two ports represent a small but important part of the urban region.
This year we encourage students to explore the history and culture that surrounds the
cities of the Pearl River Delta in order to produce their new and exciting tales. Judges
will recognise entries on how the Pearl River Delta is represented through the written,
art and film pieces submitted this year.
Hong Kong Young
Writers Awards
New Tales of the Pearl River Delta
International Media Partner Supported by
Organiser Venue Sponsor
Budding authors and artists must register through their school before 30 October 2015. Contact
for more details
Introducing an exciting opportunity for all budding writers, artists and filmmakers!

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The Writing Room

Winners HKYWA 2022 Interviews

Iris Sun Shi from ESF Sha Tin Junior School winner P3 Award for Fiction Group 2

Wan En Christabel Cheah winner of the Mandarin Matrix Award for Fiction Group 3 and Young Writer HKYWA 2022

Ran Zhao winner of the P3 Award for Fiction Group 5 and Young Writer HKYWA 2022

Kangru Zhao winner of the Plus Group Award for Non-fiction Group 3

Sik Nga Lucina Lau from Pui Kiu College winner Delayney’s Group Award for Non-fiction Group 4

Angie Wong from ESF Quarry Bay School winner Bookazine Award for Poetry Group 2

Yutong Yan from Harrow International School Hong Kong winner El Charro Award for Poetry Group 3

Lok Yan Betty Chan from Heep Yunn School winner Mandarin Matrix Award for Poetry Group 4

Helena Zhao from Dulwich College Beijing winner Cyberport Award for Poetry Group 5

Winners HKYWA 2021 Interviews

Cover artist of the year is Si Ran Luo of Regents Primary School of Shenzhen.

Siena Almeida from Canadian International School winner Max and Mei Award for Fiction Group 1

Tsz Yu Poon from St. Joseph’s College winner Plus Group Award for Non-Fiction Group 3

Ou, Shu Hua from Immaculate Heart of Mary College, winner Delaney’s Award for Non- Fiction Group 4

Winners HKYWA 2020 Interviews

Milly Golovsky, Carmel School – Elsa High School winner Fiction Group 3 – HKYWA 2020

Hanyi Zhou, Chinese International School – Young Writer 2020 and winner Fiction Group 2 – HKYWA 2020

Stella Susanto Marcheline, Shanghai Singapore International School winner Poetry Group 1 – HKYWA 2020

Justin Kudret Cheng, Diocesan Boys’ School winner Non-fiction: Group 4 – HKYWA 2020

Yan Kiu Ho ELCHK Lutheran Academy winner Poetry Group 2 – HKYWA 2020

Lok Yin Choi, St. Paul’s Convent School, winner Poetry Group 5 – HKYWA 2020

Alicia Yau, Harrow International School Hong Kong winner Poetry Group 3

Sasha Bajaj, St Margaret’s Co-Educational English Secondary and Primary School, winner Non-fiction group 5 – HKYWA 2020

Ady Lam, Island School, winner Poetry Group 4 – HKYWA 2020

Renee Chou, Canadian International School, winner Fiction Group 5 – HKYWA 2020

Eva Huang, Regents Primary School of Shenzhen, winner Cover Art Category – HKYWA 2020

Vania Chow, Sha Tin College, winner Fiction Group 4 – HKYWA 2020

Winners HKYWA 2019 Interviews

Leah Wong, St Stephen’s College Preparatory School winner Fiction Group 1

Hanyi Zhou, Chinese International School winner Fiction Group 2

Philippa Jamison, Harrow International School Hong Kong winner Fiction Group 3

Yu Hei Iris Tsui, Heep Yunn School Yong Writer 2019 and winner Fiction Group 4

Lai Suet Ching, HKBAUS  winner Non-fiction Group 2

Stephanie Webb, Harrow International School Hong Kong winner Non-fiction Group 4

Helen Ching, Diocesan Girls’ Junior School winner Poetry Group 2

Ady Lam, Island School winner Poetry Group 3

Charis Wing Tung Chan, Heep Yunn School winner Poetry Group 4



HKYWA 2024 Winners and Shortlisted

HKYWA 2024 All Submissions

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HKYWA 2023 All Submissions

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For Teachers

HKYWA 2024 has begun! We invite schools in Hong Kong, Macau and China to register.

Registration instructions have been sent to all schools on our database. If you have not received the email or hard copy with the instructions please contact or call 2201 9712


For Students

Welcome back! The Hong Kong Young Writers Awards 2018 competition has begun, its time to put on your thinking caps and get creative. Just let your imagination run wild!

Award Categories & Word Limit

A Note from our Chairman of Judges Mr Nury Vittachi

Please note that we do not accept submissions directly from students. Students must first submit to their schools, which will then have to choose ten entries to forward to the next round of the contest. Contact the teacher who is in charge of the contest at your school.